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Fit & Sizing

Are your garments true to size?

We are a small (But MIGHTY) team creating in small-batch so sizing can differ from collection to collection, this can often be the result of inevitable ricochets that come from working with a myriad of fabrics and production teams. First and foremost

Do all colours fit and feel the same?

Great question! The dying process can differ from colour to colour and whilst this doesn’t affect the quality and durability of the piece, it can affect the way the fabric feels to touch and stretches when worn.

Are your crops supportive?

Absolutely yes! Designed to be a nice alternative to the traditional bra or help you to ditch the bra entirely :) One of the main reasons we use natural fabrics is so that you can feel supported all day everyday without any uncomfortable digging-in o

Which styles offer support for a bigger bust?

We love keeping all busts happy! Some of our most loved pieces for a bigger bust are the Move Crop as it has an inbuilt bra, no bra double ups required! As well as the Flow Crop & Joy Crop from the Yoga Capsule. The Asymmetric Crop & new Forme Crop a

Will the leggings stretch and lose shape?

Whilst our leggings get comfier and comfier with wear, we pride ourselves on knowing that they tend to hold their shape quite well. Naturally, they will give a little when worn (and loved) frequently, however, washing as per our wash instructions wil

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